Mail Stop-one stop Shipping & Business center is located at 6017, Snell Avenue (Santa Teresa Square Shopping Center), San Jose, CA 95123 since last over 20 years, serving neighborhood in the south of San Jose, California, USA. It is east of Almaden Valley, surrounding Santa Teresa Boulevard, with access to Highway 85. The new management (3rd since starts) took over this biz effective from 09-01-2015.

Our store is between Starbucks and Nob Hill store with large parking area in Santa Teresa Square Shopping Center. Santa Teresa Square is a premium neighborhood shopping center (community finding grocery, dining, and pampering needs or just stop by for a coffee, donut, or ice cream. Santa Teresa Square has it all!), conveniently located at Snell Road and Santa Teresa in San Jose across Santa Teresa High School and Santa Teresa County Park. 



From Luke T San Jose, CA

I was trying to ship my dad's accordion to Salt Lake Ut. and was having no luck. 
The first two places I went to had no boxes large enough, the Packaging Store one of the places recommended went out of business, and all the places I tried calling either didn't have a box large enough or didn't answer the phone.

I finally decided to just go to Home Depot and buy the box myself. Guess what? The largest box they have was 20x20x20 which still isn't big enough. I needed something on the order of 25x25x20.

I went back to the internet and once again started calling places and came across Mail Stop.
I was immediately impressed with how Raj--the new owner--was taking the time to ask about exact dimensions, weight, and explaining about shipping options, etc. After a short while on the phone I was sure he could help me (he had the box!)

When I got there, Raj and the nice lady working the front desk were very friendly and talked to me about this instrument. When they learned it belonged to my father that passed away a few years ago, they took extra good care with the packaging.

Raj did everything for me, wrapped the accordion in bubble wrap, taped that. Then boxed the wrapped accordion in packing peanuts with special styrofoam blocks to prevent the accordion from moving.

Raj took a long time getting the packaging as good as it could possibly be.

If you need help with your packaging, this is the place.

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